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The Power of Ten

Everyday people can create greater change in society, Schwartz shared a simple exercise which, he believes, could have a transformative effect on the world. He suggested that, when faced with a decision, a person should ask themselves “which is the most compassionate and life-affirming” choice and to pick that outcome. In turn, Schwartz said, tell ten friends about this new discipline and ask them to also adopt it as well as share it with others. Eventually, he posited, this benevolent decision making will reach critical mass and changes will begin to emerge.

Allowing the Violet Flame into Your Life


Flame 2“With this violet flame I clear and transmute all energies that are not in my highest good. I release them to be transmuted back to love, the source of all things.”

Be Like The Palm Tree

Palm Tree
Palm trees are quite amazing trees! For starters, you can cut it but you can’t kill it. The nutrients that most trees need to survive can be found just below the bark, so when you cut them they die. But not the palm tree; its life comes from its heart so it thrives even under attack. Don’t let surface issues faze you. Stay focused on what God promised you!

The palm tree bends but it won’t break. Monsoon storms and hurricanes can blow most trees away, but not the palm tree. It’s flexible. It can bend all the way to the ground, and when the storm is over it straightens up again and is actually stronger. You were made to bend, not break. God promises to give you “strength that endures the unendurable and spills over into joy.” The unfolding of God’s amazing plan for your life will happen as you show your ability to endure.

The palm tree’s depth exceeds its height. While the roots of the average tree go a few feet under, the roots of the palm tree go deep in search of water. David said this about people who trust in God, “They are strong, like a tree planted by a river.” God’s plan for you is to go deep, stay connected to Him, and never be uprooted, or blown away. If you’re facing attack, or a storm, or a dry season don’t ask ‘Why me?’ instead remember, ‘God has made me like a Palm tree’.

Mountain Bride


Like a bride and her maids adorned in the handmade lace of God, the tiny grove of Aspen trees stands shimmering in the morning mist.

I watch you tremble, like a shy, young virgin on her wedding night. A ray of sunshine illuminates your shimmering veil, held in place by birds of sky blue.

Surrounded by your sisters, the breeze ruffles your petticoats in a joyous celebration of innocence and youth.

The wind whistles a cosmic love song, while the softly falling rain whispers the knowledge every young bride must know.

As I watch you drift away in the morning mist, I feel an empty place in my heart for beauty so exquisite, yet so fleeting.
Jane Johnson

Bright Morning Star

Morning StarYou float in the eastern sky at the first light of dawn, so bright, so perfect.
My heart melts as Sister Moon reaches out and cups you in her hand.

Violet rays of the raising sun shoot purple fingers of light into the velvet black sky.

No matter where I go you are always with me.
Each day you go before me, a sign of promise for the new day.
Jane Johnson


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