“An Emergency Physician’s Lessons With Death And The Divine.”  By Todd Michael, D.O.

I found the above book several years ago at random and for some reason thought it would be another chance to see what someone had to say about “death and dying”. I noticed a medical doctor, who served as the medical director of an emergency room and Level III trauma center, wrote it. The experiences the doctor describes definitely had a profound impact on the direction of his life and those around him. Amazingly I found the book “stuck with me” also, and after I put it aside I read it twice more, and the third time I started underlining or marking certain passages I wanted to remember. I have shared the book with numerous friends of higher consciousness and even those who are just curious.

The experience Dr. Michael had personally did not surprise or shake me, as I too have had similar experiences most of my life. I am a firm believer that there is a Higher Power or Supreme being out there that loves us dearly as we are his/her cherished creations. We are part of “All That Is”. Sometimes as spiritual beings having a human experience we choose to have numerous rather painful lessons in order to learn and grow. Dr. Michael took the time over a number of years to listen

to his patients who chose to share with him what they were hearing, seeing, and experiencing at the moment of their transition. As he did, he started to tune into the dying person’s room, in which he could feel an all-loving presence that he chooses to call God. Later in the quiet hours at the hospital when things had calmed down, he would quietly sit down in a quiet area and communicate telepathically with “messengers” from the other side, who came through to share information on the person who had just moved on to the other side, and who answered his many, ongoing questions in a simple, clear, and sometimes humorous manner.

For many years and for obvious reasons, as a medical doctor and one who usually viewed life from a scientific frame of reference or “prove it to me manner”, Dr. Michael did not share his experiences with others. Finally, he did. I encourage you to read the book with an open mind and heart. Life and death as we view them traditionally, especially in the Western World, are quite possibly so much more than we realize on the surface.

I am with you on the Quest.

Blessings.  Mandi Seltzer


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