Dawn was just breaking over the horizon. The sun, still hidden below the red rocks sent arrows of gold through the rose and peach sky. As I bowed my head to greet the morning I saw a sight of such majesty and glory that I couldn’t believe my eyes. Ringed around the rocks, floating in the air, were beings of light, angels of God.

I can never fully describe their breathtaking beauty. Their white wings, tipped in gold, softly beat the air. Their robes moved in the breeze, shimmering and sparkling as if made from fairy dust. Light radiated from their finger tips and their faces glowed from within. Tears came to my eyes as I realized what I saw. My heart beat wildly in my chest drowning out all sound. Then, as a mother calms and comforts a baby with a lullaby, the angels began to sing. The air around me vibrated with a magical humming sound as a feeling of blessed peace washed over me. I somehow knew this was the music of the stars. God why have you chosen me?

Their song turned to words and they spoke as one. I heard, “Earth is a scared place protected by the angels. Be still, fear not and only just believe. We have been here from the beginning of time and will protect this sacred place for eternity. Tell the children we are watching. They are not here by accident. They have been chosen to be here.

Then as one, they danced and praised God. Can you imagine I danced with the angels! While I listened and watched in awe and wonder the sun broke over the rocks and blinded me with it’s golden glow. I blinked my eyes and they were gone. This moment in time changed my life forever.

By Jane Sehl Johnson


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WELCOME TO OUR BLOG WHERE WOMEN SHARE THEIR KNOWLEDGE AND CREATIVITY ON THE PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT. We are two women sharing our thoughts, reflections and creativity. Stormy My name is Stormy and I have spent the last 20 years working on my spiritual growth and enlightenment. I still have a long way to go, but with your help I know I’ll keep growing, learning and expanding. Shar My name is Shar and I am a meditation, yoga and Qigong practitioner. I love to cook. I am vegan. I love to walk in nature, sing, drum, play guitar, write and spend time with family and friends.

7 responses to “THE ANGELS DANCED”

  1. terri0729 says :

    I loved your story!! Thanks for sharing it with me. When you receive from heaven so profoundly as this, it is indescribeable and forever life changing, is it not?! I have been tapped on the shoulder by an angel and also had a near death experience that has left me unafraid of death and expectantly waiting for the next life 🙂 God bless you for being willing to speak of this!! You have blessed me today. Peace and love, Terri

  2. terri0729 says :

    Jane, I hope you don’t mind but I shared this post with my readers too. I believe they will be blessed by it as well. Peace and love, Terri

  3. terri0729 says :

    Jane, I wrote you a poem about your experience – I hope you like it, although it not an exact telling, I tried to keep it as close as I possibly could! Peace, love and blessings, Terri

  4. Wendy Fachon says :

    You are many times blessed. Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience.

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