The life time of your personality is one of a myriad of experiences of your soul.  The soul exists outside of time.  The perspective of the soul is immense, and the perception of the soul is without limitations of the personality.  Souls that have chosen the physical experience of life as we know it, have, in general, incarnated their energies many times into many psychological and physical forms.  For each incarnation, the soul creates a different personality and body.

Each personality contributes, in its own special way, with its own special aptitudes and lessons to learn, consciously or unconsciously, to the evolution of its soul.  The life of a mother, a warrior, a daughter, a priest, the experiences of love, vulnerability, fear, loss, and tenderness; the struggles with anger, defiance, emptiness and jealousy-all serve the evolution of the soul.

The Seat of the Soul, By Gary Zukav


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