I often have past life memories when I’m busy doing something else.  They are triggered by something that I feel deeply about.  The voice of God catches my attention with one short statement.

A few days ago I was jogging along a beautiful path with lots of trees.  I saw a tree stump where a Cedar tree had recently been cut down.  As I jogged by I said to the stump, “God bless you friend.”  I immediately heard God say, “you worshiped the trees.”  Then a picture came into my mind of a young women dressed in rough cloth, talking to an older man dressed the same.  God said, “this is you and your father now and then.”

This simple bit of information might not mean much, except it gave me insight into my Father, with whom I had a rocky relationship.  One of our times together were walks in the woods.  I asked him, “where is God,” and he said, “he’s in the trees.”  We connected in this way even when we didn’t connect in other ways.

By: Jane Johnson


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