Crystal Healing – The Magic of stones.

Crystals have been used for millennium to heal and bring balance. They work through resonance and vibration.
Stones carry within them an energy that when held close to a person, cauterize wounds within the body, blast tumors, sedate over-active organs, stimulate under-active ones, reduce pain, reduce swelling and inflammation, enhance  health and well-being, and so much more.

Every week, I will be adding a new crystal, with its properties, origins and attributes. I hope you find this helpful in your quest for better health!


Appearance- cloudy or bright
Source- India, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Egypt, Austria

Emerald is a stone of inspiration and patience! It can bring bliss and loyalty. It opens the heart chakra, calms the emotions and eliminates negativity. It helps bring peace and harmony in group situations. It aids in recovery after an infectious disease. It improves vision. Wear it on ring finger, little finger, around the neck or on right arm. If wearing the cloudy (opaque) stone, do not wear continuously as it may trigger negative feelings. 


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One response to “CRYSTAL HEALING”

  1. mountainsisters says :

    I’m just beginning to realize the power of crystals. It’s fascinating. Crystal Healing was an easy to understand explanation of what crystals can do. It seems like our world could use some of the peace and harmony offered by the Emerald.

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