Jumping on a mini trampoline a person is able to use oxygen more efficiently than when performing other exercises such as jogging. While a person may be exercising vigorously on the mini trampoline, she may not find herself as winded as when putting the same effort toward another exercise. However, jumping on a mini trampoline helps to increase the heart and lung capacity of the exerciser. This in turn may reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular disease.

Now that you know the benefits, let’s start jumping! -Shar



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2 responses to “DON’T STOP WALKING…REBOUND!”

  1. mountainsisters says :

    I would love to have a mini-trampoline. It would help with aerobic exercise when you can’t get out in the winter.

    • Shar says :

      Then you should get one! I’ll bet you could check or go to a place like Sports Authority. I just finished 15 minutes of aerobic fun on mine. My feet didn’t even have to leave the mat. I was dancing to some cool sounds by Esperanza Spalding and literally felt like I was floating. I got an amazing workout, like I had just walked a vigorous mile. Nice thing is, I can hop on it anytime (assuming I have good balance) and I can get my heart pumping. One last thing…I feel younger!

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