You are divine. Whether you know it or not, you have the power within to transform your life. Enhance your sexual life, feel your inner strength grow, gain control of your feminine divine!
In Sanskrit, Kundalini means coiled or coiled energy. In Indian traditions, Kundalini energy is portrayed as a sleeping, coiled serpent at the base of the spine. The energy itself represents the Hindu goddess Shakti, who is the divine feminine. When activating Kundalini, this Shakti energy awakens and rises through the Sushumna, the central energy channel that follows the spine. Awakening this energy usually takes several months, or even years, of meditation and sacred breathing exercises. These exercises are to balance the two main Prana or energies in the body.
Suggestions to awaken your kundalini – in a quiet, safe place, light a candle, bow in gratitude and give thanks to the Divine Mother. You may be in bed, on a stool or mat. Put all your concentration into it.
Do these exercises daily.
Breathe deep, even, slow breaths. Focus on the movement of air through the nostrils and identify the less open nostril.
Focus on the less open nostril and breathe slowly. This nostril will begin to open.
Use alternate nostril breathing to help balance energies. Intentionally breathe through one nostril at a time, either using a finger to close each in turn or by focusing on each in turn. Inhale and exhale three times from each nostril, three sets at a time.
Practice Steps 1 to 3 for several weeks until balanced breathing is completely natural.
Begin focus on the third eye (forehead) while breathing.
Visualize energy flowing up the left side of the spine, then the right side while breathing.
Begin focus on sacral area (lower spine) while breathing
Continue this type of meditation for about two months. Visualization and energy flow should be completely natural.
During focus on the energies, start kegal exercises.
Visualize the converging energies being pushed into the spine while performing the two disciplines.
When you begin experiencing  warm bursts of energy through the spine, Kundalini is activated.

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  1. Maureen callahan Smith says :

    I am just coming upon your site, while searching for images of the goddess shakti. this exercise is lovely_ i’m going to try doing it over the next few weeks. Also, I am wondering where you came by this lovely image of her!?? is it a tarot card? which deck? reminds me of course of the Motherpeace ( round)> Thanks!

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