Another Use of Crystals

My friend and blog partner Shar, might chuckle at the information I’m about to share with you.  She is a serious student of Crystal Healing and this might be a bit far out for her taste.  I wanted to add something to the discussion concerning Crystals.  So, hop in the Way Back Machine and hear what Delores Cannon (The Convoluted Universe) has to say about the crystals of Atlantis.

“They used crystals for focusing certain types of energies for contacting the galactic community.  They could do this mentally, but to help amplify the mental energies they would use certain types of crystals.  Their science of crystallography was extremely advanced.   They had different crystals for focusing different kinds of energy for different purposes.  For example, they had certain types of crystals that could focus cosmic rays, and ultraviolet type radiation and starlight to make visible light at night.  The could also use infrared like from the body heat to help make light at night.  Archaeologists found some of these crystals in the jungles of Central America.  They have not been maintained in many centuries, yet they still glow at night and produce light.  There were other types of crystals that radiated heat to help warm houses.  By  Delores Cannon


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One response to “Another Use of Crystals”

  1. mountainsisters says :

    I appreciate your post, Jane. The absolute essential, most all-purpose crystal of all time is quartz. Any  other kinds of crystal must be identified by name. When someone just says crystal, quartz is the crystal they mean.
    This is the real deal, not cut glass imitations (though those are part of fung shui, Energy medicine and some color healing work.) One quartz crystal is not enough although one may often be plenty. Individual quartz points with a single termination/point are the most worked with.
    Each crystal whether a single point or a cluster is an individual with its own story and mission. One crystal  may move through the hands of many people and share information and energy  with each and for each have a completely unique sharing.  One single crystal  may give one person an instant of joy, of discovery, the promise of abundance, a vision that may explain to that person their own  history in terms of eternity, then pass to a child to offer laughter and calm, may then be held in passing by some one who needs and receives healing, then move to another child and awaken  her gift of seeing and hearing the spirits, teaching one the value of gifting along the way and another of science and form, then be given to comfort the grieving at a deathbed and from there move on to gift and bring light and healing or meditations focus to many other. All the crystal that have come out to be among us may have many and more stories and missions and healings to share.

    The crystal most used in crystal healing is quartz. Sometimes called frozen light, quartz crystals form of silicon dioxide under heat and pressure.

    Quartz has both piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties which means that the polarity of quartz crystal will change when subject to pressure or heat as well as when held.  Piezoelectricity is that quality by which electricity and sometimes light is produced by compression. Many cultures and spiritual traditions have used crystals in ritual, often striking them to produce flashes of visible light. so, this coincides with what you wrote.

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