Energy Vampires

Negative People Who Drain Your Energy

I had a friend, a nice, normal person who is an energy vampire.  Her one and only topic of conversation was her husband and how she thought he was unfaithful to her.  She was so obsessed that she would watch him as he slept to see if he was dreaming of another women.  I felt exhausted for days after being with this drama queen.  That is, until I learned to protect myself.

Energy vampires drain your positive energy, intrude on you privacy, feel sorry for themselves continually, blame others for their problems, love to vent, won’t take no for an answer, and make a big deal out of the smallest thing.  If you recognize someone like this in your life my advice is to run the other way!  If you can’t do that, learn to quickly end conversations with this person (Oh, someone is at the door.)  Don’t get personally involved in their drama.  Don’t try to rescue or fix them.  Because they are very hypnotic, avoid being in a small room with them for hours.  But above all, stand up for yourself and stick to your boundaries.  Stormy


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