By:  Dr. Linda

Death is never easy to handle . What helps or doesn’t help when it comes to handling grief?

1) There is no time limit on grief. Eventually you will access the loss and gradually adjust. Physical loss is permanent and the void will always be felt. But time helps. It usually takes about two years to move through the grieving process but the length of time varies and depends on a number of factors such as how the death occurred, your history of previous losses and the timing of the loss in your life cycle.

2) Grief needs to be shared. Norman Paul, a well known family therapist who wrote about loss speaks to the importance of sharing grief. Healing comes, in part, from telling the story.

3) Keep communication open. Families must periodically talk about what happened. If you don’t, you risk developing symptoms later.

4) Get support and plenty of it. Families do better when they support each other. Don’t isolate. It may be helpful to join a grief support group.

5) Previous family stress plays a role. When death occurs, the stress of the past affects the grief process.

6) Rituals help to remember. Rituals bring closure to death. Children should be a part of the mourning process.

7) Talk about the person who died. tell stories, remember.

8) Keep busy and active. Don’t rush into things too soon but gradually resume your routine.

9) Come to terms with forgiveness if needed.

10) The level of your emotional connection determines how difficult the loss will be.


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