Divinely Irresistible

When your heart is filled with love and compassion it reflects on your face.  You have and inner glow that makes you “divinely irresistible.”  The good things of life are drawn to you.

When a person is cross, impatient, and constantly negative they build up a wall of resistance around them so the good is blocked.  They end up wondering why they are not happy in life.

Choose not to be someone who believes others are trying to keep your good from you and that the world has treated you badly.  Tear down that wall, stop inhibiting love to enter your life by forgetting about your personal self and give something of yourself to others.

Start with this affirmation “My heart is filled with love, I am not critical, irritable, or impatient.  I am divinely irresistible.”  When you change your mind you change your life.  Stormy.


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About mountainsisters

WELCOME TO OUR BLOG WHERE WOMEN SHARE THEIR KNOWLEDGE AND CREATIVITY ON THE PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT. We are two women sharing our thoughts, reflections and creativity. Stormy My name is Stormy and I have spent the last 20 years working on my spiritual growth and enlightenment. I still have a long way to go, but with your help I know I’ll keep growing, learning and expanding. Shar My name is Shar and I am a meditation, yoga and Qigong practitioner. I love to cook. I am vegan. I love to walk in nature, sing, drum, play guitar, write and spend time with family and friends.

One response to “Divinely Irresistible”

  1. Shar says :

    Thanks for this piece. I believe that like attracts like. I wonder if there is someone who happens to be in your life, and they are causing you to suffer if that is a call to your own spirit to be even more compassionate. I don’t mean to say that we should let others step all over us but maybe just reaching deeper within to find that place where compassion abides and being completely still without reacting. If we don’t react to their negativity but respond with love, healing may be possible for them. And what is our purpose if not to bring as much peace to this world as possible?

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