Peace of mind can be achieved by accepting the Four Noble Truths. Here is how they unfold.

1. Acknowledge your suffering–We are all subject to aging and illness, to losses that nothing will change. We think we are permanent but we are not. We can try to distract ourselves, but our suffering will follow us. There is in life a vulnerability so extreme, a suffering so unspeakable that it goes beyond words. In the face of such suffering all we can do is stand in witness, so no one need bear it alone. This is not suppression or repression. This is paying attention and compassionate awareness.

2. Pain is a call to action–Sometimes we must simply accept our losses. Pain comes and goes. Suffering grows out of our reaction to the original pain. We need to let go. If we try to possess and control the people around us, we will suffer. If we struggle to control our body and feelings, it’s the same. Letting go of the causes of suffering is a process. Sometimes it means just letting be–not trying to get rid of the experience, but softening into a state of allowing.

3. Letting go a little, you will have a little peace. If you let go more, you will have more peace. If you let go completely, your heart will be free. When the Dalai Lama was questioned as to why he does not hate the Chinese Communist, in spite of their systematic destruction of Tibet, his homeland, his reply was: “They have taken over Tibet, destroyed our temples, burned our sacred texts, ruined our communities, and taken away our freedom. They have taken so much. Why should I let them also take my peace of mind?”

4. There is an end to suffering…not to pain, but release from its power. When greed, hatred and delusion are given up, we no longer cause sorrow for ourselves or others. We have joy and natural peace and happiness when we are not clinging to anything. Sometimes the letting go is so deep that our whole identity drops away. At that point, we experience luminous emptiness of all things. (Sunyata)  Sometimes the peace is ordinary, a resting of the heart in awareness. When you realize the fact that everything changes and find your composure in it, there you find true peace of mind.


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