There are certain growing dynamics that can occur only within the dynamic of commitment.  Without commitment you cannot learn to care for another person more than yourself.  You cannot learn to value growth of strength and clarity in another soul, even if that threatens the wants of the personality.  When you release the wants of your personality in order to accommodate and encourage another person’s growth, you attune yourself to that person’s soul.  Without commitment, you cannot learn to see others as your soul sees them, as beautiful and powerful spirits of Light.

The archetype of spiritual partnership..partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual emerging within our species.  This is different from the archetype of marriage which is designed to assist physical survival, and in which partners do not necessarily see themselves as equals.  When individuals enter into a marriage, the ability of each to survive physically is enhanced.  They are more capable together of finding fire, shelter, food and water, and defending themselves, then they are individually.

Gary Zukav, The Seat of the Soul


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One response to “Relationships”

  1. Shar says :

    Thank you for adding this. I couldn’t agree more. It is rare to find people who have enough love, self-lessness, compassion and courage to commit to a relationship like this. If you do, don’t let them go!

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