It is our original nature to give.
“Dogen: By reason of being originally gifted with a power of giving, one’s present self came into being.”
Your form came about because of that intrinsic power to give. That is what defines us. It defines our relationship.
Dana is the power of giving. It is the foundation of the practice of Zen. 
If we hold anything back, we seize to be generous. We become self-serving.
In our greed and our wanting, in our not being satisfied, in our attempt to magnetize reality towards ourselves, in our incapacity to see things as they are; clouded, by the ignorance of our conviction, in our investment in a sense of a self-centered universe that is obviously spinning around me, with everything fulfilling that picture, we lose sight of the true meaning of Dana. 
We were meant to be exactly as we are, in this body.  
The manifestation of yourself, the way you appeared, the exact configuration of your genes, your physicality; comes about because of that intrinsic power to give. 



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