What’s It All About?

Here is a simple way to think about how your ideas become projected on to the grand scheme of things. First of all nothing takes place in a vacuum. All around you there is an energy source which floods into every avenue of awareness. It is the backbone of life so to speak. This energy is there regardless of what you think or think about it. In general all of us on the earth live by the same paradigm. We receive our energy from above and then transform it according to whatever we are thinking about in each moment. It is this transformation that we may become confused about because of its all-encompassing nature.
Start with this energy. What is it? Call it what you will it just is and is everything that you could think of to call or describe it. The best state of mind to have about this energy is that it really is impersonal. What happens when you realize this? You stop trying to force the issue in terms of good or bad and start to recognize your part in all of this. Isn’t that great that you have a part? It isn’t just a bit part or a walk on. You are the leading actor and you learn your part by participating actively in your own self-transformation.
Okay that was a lot to take in all at once. Let me explain. You transform yourself from what you are into what you are becoming by focusing your thoughts in the moment directing them towards where you want to be. All transformations proceed according to your chosen focus. Yes you may change your focus limitlessly and in fact you must simply because it is a road of sorts that you are traveling on and in order to take in the scenery along the way you have to stop and readjust your thinking from time to time.
Why do you have to readjust your thinking? Because no one wants to wander aimlessly. Self-fulfillment is a prerequisite of traveling along this road. What is self-fulfillment? It is transforming yourself from what you are into what you think you want to become. How does this transformation come about? It comes about through the energy that is all around you being molded and directed through the thoughts you are thinking. Many spend their time thinking about others, watching their transformations occur and wonder why in their own lives they aren’t experiencing the same. The truth is that your transform your life by thinking about how you want it to be. If you think about how you want someone else’s life to be you are wandering aimlessly because you are seeking to live inside a central thought that does not begin with you. When you start with you or the awareness of you the focal point remains constant and then when you think about the way you would like to be everything is able to be attracted to that focal point.
This brings us to the question of what is memory and how does it operate. Memory is focusing ring of consciousness. When you remember your focus it comes back into fine view and the details may be directly dialed in. What is memory if not a groove in consciousness that you are making in order to get to where you aspire to go. The only way then to regain your focus is to remember and then you are back in business. Don’t worry if you’ve been moseying along doing this or that and then suddenly remember that you haven’t been thinking about your focus. It’s okay. In the moment that you remember you reinvent your focus with renewed determination. Think of this as a plant that has reached a certain cycle in its development and then suddenly remembers that there are wonderful beautiful flowers that may be produced. In that moment of the plant’s memory the stage is set for these flowers to blossom. You see the plant not only remembers that flowers will be produced it knows what container will house them and the fragrance that will be emitted as a result. All of this is contained within the seed.
I’ll repeat this because it is important. All is contained within the seed. You have a thought or an intention to bring into your life a desired outcome. You keep working towards a goal and sometimes the going seems slow or that you have reached a plateau. In this moment of thinking about where you are think about where you are going to be and this revivifies your focus so that like the plant produces its flowers so too must you produce your heart’s desire.
Mark Siet – LA Examiner

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WELCOME TO OUR BLOG WHERE WOMEN SHARE THEIR KNOWLEDGE AND CREATIVITY ON THE PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT. We are two women sharing our thoughts, reflections and creativity. Stormy My name is Stormy and I have spent the last 20 years working on my spiritual growth and enlightenment. I still have a long way to go, but with your help I know I’ll keep growing, learning and expanding. Shar My name is Shar and I am a meditation, yoga and Qigong practitioner. I love to cook. I am vegan. I love to walk in nature, sing, drum, play guitar, write and spend time with family and friends.

2 responses to “What’s It All About?”

  1. Jane Johnson says :

    I love this teaching. I’ll save it and read it again. Stormy

  2. Jane Johnson says :

    Thank you Shar for sharing this with us. It is so true and so powerful. It prompted me to immediately write down my focus points. Stormy

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