The Plants Sing..Really…Listen


Damanhur is a spiritual eco-village located in northern Italy established in the mid-1970s and known as the Federation of Damanhur. Damanhur, sometimes referred to as a living laboratory, is extremely unique in many ways including esoteric studies about the advanced understanding of mankind and the cosmos, development of their own currency and highly unique research laboratories.
Some of their discoveries include how plants communicate including their ability to develop relationships with us through music. By attaching electronic devices to plants which registers the difference of frequency impulse from roots to leaves in a synthesizer it begins producing an intelligent musical tone. Through further research they found these plants respond to their surroundings even recognizing music played in their presence and then beginning to play (or sing) along. This discovery opens doors to unimaginable worlds of potential for understanding the intelligence of all living things and their subtle connections with us. Further research of this breakthrough discovery could ultimately lead to the understanding of the language of rocks, trees and much more. Imagine what they could tell us.
Les Plantes Chantantes de Damanhur


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