Little Hero in the Snowstorm

I am becoming aware of how smart, kind and caring the children are today. Yesterday afternoon during the snow storm I passed a tiny, little 6 year old girl standing at the school bus stop near my home. The school bus had moved on and the other kids were walking up the street to their homes. She looked scared and so alone. I went home and parked, then hustled up to the corner where I could look down to the bus stop. She wasn’t there but a little boy in a blue coat stood in her place. He was a bit older and huskier, maybe 9 years old. Afraid to get to close in case he might be threatened by a stranger, I asked him if he was all right and what happened to the little girl with the red coat. He says, “I saw she was alone so I came down to stand beside her. Her Mother was late you know.” We started walking back up the hill together. I told him he was a great little boy and I was so glad he was there to help the little girl. He smiles at me and says, “That’s OK. A Christian’s got to do what a Christian’s got to do. Thanks lady for coming to check on us.” There are heros everywhere. Stormy images


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