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I haven’t posted on Women of Spirit and Light recently. I’ve been writing a juvenile fiction book called River Adventure. Please take a look at my website: http://bit.ly/1uUygZzpaddlewheeler2

I am so excited to announce my new children’s book, River Adventure. River Adventure features life on the Mississippi River in 1874. The two principle characters are Daisy Clover a Caucasian girl and Lincoln Johnson an African American Boy. Daisy and Linc become friends and find adventure on the banks of the Mississippi where they help the sheriff catch a gang of cutthroats terrorizing the river. This fun mystery will keep kids on the edge of their seats as Daisy and Linc escape one daring adventure after another. The book includes Mississippi River and Missouri history, including details about the beautiful paddle wheel steamboats that steamed up and down the river. Please check out my River Adventure video on my website at: http://bit.ly/1uUygZz

I’ve never published a book by myself before. It was scary and very exciting. I hope you will love it as much as I do! Please consider buying River Adventure for your children and grandchildren. The price is $7.99 plus shipping. I’d appreciate your support.
Thanks, Jane Johnson
You can place an order at: http://createspace.com/5244993


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